Better Protection
Unlike other protective gear that can slide out of place during use, the K-POT is integrated into the player’s undergarment and always stays in place. The airbag pad deflects impacts and pushes it back outwards, away from the private parts.

Increased Focus
Because the K-POT system provides superior protection, players don’t have to worry quite so much about getting injured. They’re free to focus more on the game itself and helping their team achieve a victory.

Multiple Applications
As the K-POT is integrated into the undergarments of the players, it can be used for any sports a player may want to participate in. It particularly helps with sports like basketball, volleyball, soccer, handball and football where other styles of protection might interfere with the ability to play the game.To supply the global market with a protective airbag pad for protective gear used to protect the genitals while playing sports.

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